Bachman’s Roofing has been family owned and operated for over 45 years and when it comes to our customers, we treat them as if they were our family too! That’s why at Bachman’s we care about each project and customer review we receive.

See some of the recent reviews we’ve received from customers.


Hello Carl,

We are customers in Zionsville who contracted with Bachman’s to install a patio roof over our existing patio, and to complete other home improvements. I’m sending this note to commend your team on a project successfully and well done!

Out of several quotes we had obtained for this project, we selected Bachman’s due mainly to Eli Betancourt’s ability to capture our needs accurately and professionally, and his ability to convince us that Bachman’s had the capabilities and resources to successfully complete this project in a timely manner. Eli was awesome to deal with. He did not pressure anything and his attention to details impressed us and gave us the confidence to sign with Bachman’s.

Once construction activities were underway, our confidence in selecting you as our contractor was verified as we were kept up to date with time-lines and materials availability and deliveries, and the project was coordinated very well. Eli went above and beyond to ensure this customer’s satisfaction and he is a credit to your company! 

We’d also like to give a shout-out and thanks to your crews and to Brad Boltz. Your crews were capable, professional and respectful and Brad took my sketches and accurately transformed them into working drawings. The design looks great!

We are very satisfied with the project and won’t hesitate to recommend Bachman’s to others seeking to contract construction or roofing projects.

Thank you for a job well done!

-Dennis and Rose Fried


Scott, we are emailing to say what a wonderful job Luis Clew and his crew did at our home today. They were neat, organized, polite and did an amazing job! We are very pleased.

Thank you,

-Karen and Steve Leymeister


Hi David,

I would like to proceed with everything in your proposal (roof replacement, skylight replacement, fascia capping and solar array), please. As you know I received several other proposals, some cheaper and some more expensive; however, I liked your presentation. You educated us about your company and products, did not feel the need to put other companies down (a very big turn-off for me) and did not insist I made a decision on the spot or I would need to pay a much higher price (a deal breaker!!!). This was a big decision and something I did not take lightly. 

I was also very impressed how you handles the other contractor showing up 4 hours early in your appointment time and insisting you wait until he started his measuring. Again, I apologize for putting you in that situation. It was totally my fault. It should never have happened. I did not realize anyone would do something like that and then treat the person with the actual appointment time so rudely. He actually lost the job as soon as I saw his business card, when I went into the house and realized what happened. That was just before I came back out to talk to you. You said it was okay and didn’t matter, but it did matter  to me! You were extremely professional, calm and understanding. That is what cemented my putting my trust in your company.

I also appreciated all the time Robert took to explain the solar questions I had. Carl didn’t explain himself properly when he asked for references. Afterwards, he told me meant he would like to talk to other solar owners to see if there is anything they would have done differently or things you need to take into consideration when you have a solar powered home. I remember when we had a solar water heater at home, on cloudy days the hot water was extremely hot compared to sunny or rainy days. It was something we had to think about when we first started using the hot water. After awhile, it just became second nature.

I hope you forward this email to your boss and the owners of the company. I would like to talk to them and tell them how much faith I have in them and their company based upon your outstanding professionalism, being able to promote your product without feeling the need to put other companies down to make your product look good and the complete absence of the high-pressure sales tactics. You definitely gained my trust.

Thank you,

-Terri Fedorowicz


To all the great people at Bachman’s who make all your customers feel great too! We had work done on our home and I must tell everyone who is thinking of getting work done on theirs, not to hesitate! The first person I spoke to was Amber, she was pleasant and very helpful. it was a great domino effect after that! One person after the other with the knowledge and professionalism I was looking for to have my project done. One more kinder than the other from Craig to Alan from Carol to Carl from Jimmy to Steve. What can I say but if you are looking for professionalism, excellent customer service and truly a company that makes you feel like family, then look no more. Try the Best! We did!

-Roseann and Marvin


I have called upon Bachman’s to perform 3 substantial jobs over the past eight years on my home and on each project it was a great experience. They were respectful of my older home, respectful of my community and my neighbors and on time. The crews were punctual, experienced, educational with their broad experience and they were just nice people to deal with on all occasions and at all levels. In fact they handled different building problems when no one else would. So thanks to everyone at Bachman’s.

-John Hanna


You all had a crew here at my house on the 18th to replace my roof.  I’ve been remiss in not contacting you sooner to let you know how pleased we are with the work done by Bachman’s and how easy it was to work with the crew.  Everything went smoothly at our end.  The crew chief, Charlie, was polite, respectful and communicated clearly throughout the (long) day. 

We look forward to hearing from Bachman’s about scheduling our additional gutters/downspouts work.

Thanks again,



Wanted to inform you that work crew of 5 men who came to do our roof arrived at 8AM and completed the job in early evening. Before leaving I talked to individual who I assume was in charge of work. Told me what they did and that had no complications after removing tin. They did a fantastic job of cleaning up all debris from front porch roof, sidewalk and surrounding area.. Neighbors had no issues. A few days after completion of job a brief strong and very windy thunderstorm hit area. My son who stays in attic reported no leak which is very comforting. So want to express my thanks for  promptness of getting us on the schedule as quickly as you did, and taking care of permit and parking issues with Borough. Certainly would recommend Bachman’s .

Very satisfied ,



I just wanted to let you know that Alex and his men did a GREAT job yesterday.  They knew what they were doing from start to finish.  Alex did a beautiful job with the copper.  I didn’t think they were going to show up because it was getting late in the day. I would highly recommend Bachman’s. People love to complain when the job is not satisfactory. I love to commend the men when the job is done well. Hold onto Alex and the guys because they are surely an asset to Bachman’s!!

-Michelle B.


The work was excellent! My compliment to your salesman Victor DeLeon who provided us with concise answers to all of our questions and who made us comfortable having such extensive work done.  Also my compliments go out to the workers who spent long hours working extremely hard to make the house look beautiful again.  They took good care to clean the property each day they were here and they were respectful and polite while on site.
– Glenn Tarsi


Just a short note to let you know we are very pleased with our new roof. The Luis Crew did a great job!!

They were prompt, very conscientious about our property and courteous. My wife and I will recommend your company in the future.

Hoping this finds you well,

Ray and Diane Cahill

We just wanted to say that the crew did an awesome job today. They were very considerate, worked hard and took very good care of the property. It was a long day and thanks for the hard work.

Once again, we would like to say what a fabulous job the Tarsi Crew did on the 2nd day…We were very impressed by how hard they worked to get the job done in a quick fashion but in a very professional and meticulous fashion. Their roofing expertise is impressive as well as their clean up routine. these guys were respectful of the property and very polite. Keep up the good work. We would highly recommend them to anyone in the market for a new roof.


Glenn and Candie


I was truly impressed with your guys last night. I assumed they would replace the dozen or so shingles affected but they said to do it right the whole section needed to be redone. They stayed till nearly 7 to get it done and it looks great. 

I also appreciated your project manager when he called to schedule them coming back- he thanked me for giving Bachman the chance to make it right- no haggling or trying to convince me to live with it. 

Mistakes happen. What impresses me is every touch point with Bachmans has been positive and professional, owning the mistake, making things right and encouraging the customer to come to you.

Thanks so much,



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